Is there a UK Anime release schedule archive?


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I've been out of the loop in the anime world for the last 15 months, is there anywhere I can find a full release schedule for the anime released this year? or just a general archive of all the releases in the UK in general? I was trying to trackdown all the old stuff I missed last year from the early days and would like to continue that as well as collect what I've missed the last 15 months.

uk-anime used to have one that backtracked to 2010 but it's gone now and I know of nowhere else to find an archive.
I can find lots of ones for usa lol but none for the UK :(


there is some news about UK releases here and there, the main site often has articles focused on future releases with estimates of when we can expect them, they are often from what Manga, MVM and Anime Limited are doing in the UK, as far as an organised timetable goes, I don't think I've ever seen one for the UK, it's still a pretty niche interest here and no one's put one up