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    I have been thinking about this for some time, the podcast was not a success due to everyone's timing I was thinking that it wasnt going to work.

    Well since the successful public profiles have come up, I thought it could be fun if we did some audio interviews with some of the big members of this board and others (Have sent emails).

    The best way to do this I see is to use Skype, as this is my idea (Sorry for being "me, me, me, me") I shall be doing the interviews, again time is the option here so it will be done to when the people are available. Also I need someone to be added to the convo aslo to record it please. Mutsumi i'm looking at you lol.

    So what does everyone think?
  2. Arbalest

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    i think maybe it could work out yeah, i've never used skype so i dunno how it works but i don't mind the idea, but tis up to everyone else
  3. Mutsumi

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    Hehehehehehe oki. ^_^

    You'll have to remind me where to nab that software that lets you record skype though. ^_^

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