IMAF vs Expo


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Due to where I live, the distinct lack of public transport around the area and my parents being mean I can only go to one of these events.

Seeing as it will be my first real anime convention thingy (and I want it to be good) I was just wondering if anybody could recommend which one to go to.


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Well IMAF is mainly just manga and its really a competition thing really to find new talent but the expo is not just anime it has lots of other things aswell

in my view it would be best to go to the expo mainly because there are so many things there that can grab your attention all day

true story i didnt eat anything all day coz i was so distracted with all the stuff there


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I'd go for expo out of those two. However, if you really want the best anime convention experience, go to Minami. Next Minami event with places going is in 2007 though, as Minami sells out fast.


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I've been to the last three Minamis, & will attend every Minami to come, as they are, in my opinion, the best anime convention experience the UK has to offer.

It is held around the second or third weekend of March, in the Southampton Novotel, near the station.