IMAF 05 has launched!!!

Do you want cosplay???

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IMAF 2005


Our website has now launched – ready for a fantastic and fanatic IMAF 05– set to be bigger and better.

Go on; check out to read more about this fantastic competition and festival and sign up for our new chat forum! There is a $75,000 prize fund on offer in our competiton and we are looking for new and original talent from both beginners and professionals!


The IMAF Team

Ryo Chan

another event i can't get to (not including the fact that i'm going no where near london for a while either :( )

when oh when will there be an event in the north west


Stand User
I dont think i will be able to make this event sadly.
and i dont cosplay aswell, way to many people would look at me and i dont really like people looking at me.


Pokémon Master
Can't go, but i wouldn't have any cosplay outfit to wear anyway. I go through fazes with my want to cosplay, sometimes i'm completely up for it, other times i think about how many more people would look at me and think maybe not


Death Scythe
*sigh* another convention that's in's so difficult and time consuming to get to from where i live so it will be another one i'm missing.

i'm not a cosplayer either but i'd cheer on those who have the talent and inclination for it. :D

Apple Bun

Thousand Master
I cant make this 1 but i dont think i would have cosplayed. I do occasionally, but at the moment i think spending hours making the costumes 4 other people, u just cant be botherd to make 1 for urself lol