ID This Anime Please?

cyborg 002

Student Council President
It's an anime clip from youtube I checked out quite some time ago, but I ofcourse don't remember the title.

Here is what I do remember.

A teenage boy comes home, he then goes to the bathroom, he opens the door, there is a naked girl in the bathroom dressing or undressing they both freeze (catatonic) The boy then says he is sorry and closes the door, the girl makes this "shiver" like sound. The boy then marches into his sister's room a tad mad at her for not mentioning they have company.

I think the anime is from after year 2000 because fo the animation style, so that narrows it down to nealy two decades of anime.

cyborg 002

Student Council President
I was gonna suggest it could be most anime really.
The description is a rather generic. It was a longshot, but I took the shot anyway.

While the description is pretty generic/common for anime, something about the wording made me think of Amagi Brilliant Park.
Good thing I did take that shot!

You were right on thje money with Amagi Brilliant Park! Thank you so much!

I also managed to check out the clip again on youtube and there is a few things I remember differently. I remember the guy was catatonic but I was wrong, he is more shocked and hyperventilating. The girl is not catatonic either she is rather relaxed all things considered.
But it definetely is Amagi Brilliant park.