how would you describe the FMA series


Thousand Master
Which version of it? I've only actually watched the old one so far and it's been a while.

I guess the show is kind of a good example of the way that anime is more than just cartoons for kids and can deal with a variety of subjects including some fairly serious ones (while still being fairly accessible and fairly young people friendly). I probably wouldn't have gotten into anime as much if it hadn't been one of the first shows I watched and while Fullmetal Alchemist has quite a range itself I've found there's even more variety out there than I could have imagined.

If the above makes any sense, you could probably translate it into some catchier and more to the point phrase (something that I'm bad at, if you haven't noticed).


im doing both the whole thing.

i havent seen it in a long time... i mean the second one i kinda know what i want to say and i know what i want to say for the first.

but the problem is..... well how i should say it ... but doing both at the same time is difficult but it needs to be done for what im doing..

the first is darker and mature the second is colourful and cartoony.

i need to know how to describe it to people who dont know about anime and why they should watch fma.... both

i got down as to why both should be watched one after the other.

i need to discribe how the characters are like, the message how its not just a cartoon the story..... i just dont know how tho