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  1. Kyril_Panda

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    Hey everyone, I'm Kyril from Belfast, Northern Ireland! I'm 28 (unfortunately, where did my 20's go!), and grew up on Digimon, DBZ, Escaflowne, Sailor Moon and that short period that the Sci Fi Channel showed Nadesico and Evangelion on Saturday mornings :p

    A few favourite anime: Evangelion, Kill La Kill, Escaflowne, and Outlaw Star. Recently got back into collecting anime in the last few years after finally being able to afford to :p

    Also into JRPGs, especially Final Fantasy, the Tales series and Suikoden. Just hoping to get to know people and stay more on top of what's new! So hi :3
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  2. Gemsy-chan

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    I remember watching Nadesico & Evangelion on the sci-fi channel...good times. Also Blue Gender at night on sci-fi.

    I'm a big Tales fan myself and have the game (Collectors Editions if one was released for it) and i own the figures (only the boys though)
  3. Buzzkillington

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    Hello, welcome to the site, I also frequently wonder where my 20s went. :)
  4. Rena Ryuugu

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    Welcome to the forums Kyril_Panda :)

    Nice to see another Tales fan on here ^^
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    Nice to have you here, dude. ;)
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    Welcome! I'm another Blue Gender, Evangelion, Nadesico Sci-Fi channel refugee. I'm pretty sure there was a movie sandwiched in between Eva & Nadesico too (the first one I ever saw shown was Urotsukidoji, which was an eye opener). I also wonder where my 20's went... I remember the first half fairly well but very little of the 2nd.

    Say goodbye to your money though; getting back into anime is the most costly thing I have done in a long time!
  7. Kyril_Panda

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :3 Definitely been expensive getting back into anime haha!
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