Have been lurking for a while so I'll thought might as well join. Just someone who is getting in their mid 30s.

Anyway long story short, as I didn't grew up with it anime confused me when I first went online over 20 years ago (I think the only anime that I can remember on TV was Pokémon and later Sonic X) and a fair few bad experiences put me off. At one point thought that anime and me wouldn't get along. A few years ago, stumbled upon Lupin III and ended up not only loving it but ended up being a fan (once ran the wiki, imported the Italian Blu-rays despite only knowing a few words of Italian and that was because of loving the Part 2 Italian dub, buying the Anime Limited releases when they come out). Also thanks to Lupin that's when I started venturing out with other series and have a bit of a collection now, firstly with some TMS shows/films then expanded elsewhere. Sadly with my health declining, my original long running hobby of gaming is getting pretty difficult now meaning that I'll have a bit more time to watch.

In all honesty don't think that I'll post very much here (despite me doing long posts, am extremely uncomfortable when it comes to talking) but seems like a nice place and will give it a try.
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that your health problems are affecting your gaming. ablegamers.org is a good place to keep track of accessibility developments in gaming.

While it's early days, we're finally starting to see some of the big publishers take accessibility seriously. There have been quite a few games recently that allow for dozens of adjustments, with options as wide-ranging as switching button-mashing to button-holding or turning off tinnitus sounds (both of which I find useful).