Hello :)


Completely Average High School Student
Hello :)

AFE here, nice to meet you all :D

I'm a big anime fan and a gamer.

Some of my favorite animes are One Piece, Naruto, Detective Conan (Case Closed), and I enjoy sports animes as well.

I'm a member of many anime related forums and I tend to travel between them a lot, so I will do my best to help the forum as much as I can

Hope we can be friends :)

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Welcome to the forums - enjoy your stay 😊👍



(I feel like I've taken an opportunity gif from someone we know on here... )
Hi, hello, connichiwa!
Just leave your wallet at the bargains thread, everyone else has.
And don't forget to curse the lack of stock of berserk's deluxe manga, as is always the case when our two favourite licensers don't handle it