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  1. PilibO

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    I've recently joined the forums and I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. I don't know too many people who are interested in anime, so I thought it would be nice to meet likeminded people ^_^

    I'm currently a postgrad student at uni and I currently spend more than I should collecting anime, spend too much time playing Pokemon Go and have an unquestionable love for Stottie bread.

    My current favourites are: Gurren Lagann, Free, Psycho Pass, FMA, Princess Mononoke, Kill la Kill, Hellsing Ultimate (and yeah this could go on for a while...) What are your favourites? :)

    Currently: Debating whether to Genderbend as Matoi for a Halloween
  2. Peachy

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    "I currently spend more than I should collecting anime"

    You'll fit in perfectly!

    Welcome to the forums! My favs are Nausicaa, Ouran, Nozaki-Kun, Steins Gate, Baccano & Barakamon :)