Hello, Konnichiwa, to you all in 2023

Anime Kyo UK

Hello, to you all in 2023, young and old, Con goers, and streamers alike!
I had become an Anime fan in 1989, but had watched Dubbed cartoons in Spainish, and in English in the 1970's, formed the UK's first Anime & Manga fan Club back in 1990, And am spending 2023 trying to finish my history of the UK's Anime Fandom. Please forgive me if I do not reply to you on the same day or week, as I have terninal Cancer, and time and energy are costly.
My Blog & The YouTube channel by my good frinds that's run for me. Any words of support are most welcome!
Welcome to the forum! I live in the USA, but am very active here in the UK forum, and import a lot of anime collector editions from the UK. I'm 62 and have just recently come through pancreatic cancer surgery, although it was caught early and I've been clear for the last year since my chemo treatments completed. I'm gonna just keep going and keep on buying anime, so my two daughters are going to have a field day with my huge anime collection once I do ever kick the bucket!

EDIT: Wow, just two seconds after I posted this, the power went out briefly from a big storm passing through, and my computer shut down. I just opened the front door and stood watching as the wind was howling and the rain was falling sideways, and then I heard a bunch of loud cracks and I watched a huge tree branch come rolling down over the neighbors roof and into their back yard!
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