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Hello all, I’m selling off some anime titles and some other Blu Rays/DVDs - all of which are listed here in this thread.

Anime Blu Rays:
  • Amnesia (Sentai, Region A) £14
  • Hellsing Ultimate Parts 1-3 (Funimation Region A for parts 1 and 3, Manga Region B for Part 2) £20
  • Matoi: The Sacred Slayer (MVM Region B) £10
  • Norn 9 (MVM Region B) £10 NEW
  • The Wind Rises (Studiocanal Region B) £10
    Tiger and Bunny The Beginning CE (Anime Limited Region B) £5
  • Tokyo Godfathers (Manga, Region B) £6
Non-Anime Blu Rays:
  • Anaconda Quadrilogy LE (88 Films Region B) £12 NEW
  • A Bug’s Life (Disney-Pixar, Region B) £6
  • South Park Seasons 12 & 13 £10 c/w Season 11 DVD for free.
Blu Ray Steelbooks:
  • Aladdin
  • Avengers Animated Double Feature
  • Batman/Batman Returns/Batman Forever/Batman & Robin NEW
  • Beetlejuice NEW
  • Brave (w/3D Blu Ray)
  • Godzilla 1998
  • Mars Attacks! NEW
  • Monster’s Inc (w/3D Blu Ray)
Open to offers on steelbooks

Anime DVDs:
  • Bleach Series 12 & 13 £10 each Do note that some discs have faded labels, which is how I received the sets initially - can provide photos if requested.
    K-on Season 1 volumes 1-4 (Madman Region 4) £6
  • Hellsing Volumes 1-4 (Pioneer, Region 1) £6
  • Planetes Complete Series (Beez Anime Legends, Region 2) £15 French Release, has English Sub and Dub. NEW
Art boxes and slip covers:
  • Basilisk (Region A Blu Ray, Anime Classics, slipcover only) £5 *note the slipcover has slight wear.
  • Burst Angel (Region A Blu Ray, Anime classics, slipcover only) £5 *note the slipcover has slight wear.
  • C Control (Region A Blu Ray, Limited Edition, outer box only) £5 *note box has slight wear.
Seller Notes:

- I am willing to negotiate on some prices, especially when bundling and can provide pictures of these items if/when requested.

- Please feel free to PM or just post in the thread if you're interested in anything on offer.

- I will calculate P+P when an item is reserved, occasionally it might be included in the asking price, so please enquire.

- I can consider trading if an appropriate offer is made.

- PayPal only

Thanks for looking!
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Looking sell my copies of Adventure Time Seasons 1-5 and 7 on Blu Ray. If anyone is interested do let me know.


CCG’s Reaper
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As an addendum to the above 1-5 are the US releases and 7 is the Madman release (they stopped releasing AT on Blu Ray after Season Six).