Got any spare rooms?


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I see a few of my fellow neo forumers have already made themselves known. We're not an advance scout party for an invasion... honest! With the closure of the Neo Forums in a few days' time I was reccomended to come here to fill the void.

I may be the real Kyon, the one from the light novels, anime and manga and you might be just a fictional universe created by Haruhi. But then again I might be a guy called Steve who likes manga and comics, and works in a comic shop. You decide. :mrgreen:


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Someone ispleased to see you. :D Welcome to our new home. The pandas are serving tea and pokey in the catering tent. Your pets are safe ocarina:)

Broken Serenity

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Welcome fellow refugee! avoid the warm drinks for now max was loitering near them earlier and we know he cant be trusted not to add "a little something extra" :)

Looks like most of the regulars are accounted for so far, hopefully rivaan and a couple other infrequent posters also sign up if they have'nt already.


Completely Average High School Student
Hi fellow refigees. Coming here is like coming to the big city from our little village. Let's hope we're not too much of a pain. XD