Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Review (Part 2)


I don't want to pull you either way as a critic here but I'll just say it as it's out of the way, it would have been ok to be harsher unless you really did like solid state more than how SAC set itself up. I really do feel like grabbing by the collar "more about the booklet! Now!" Lol, but I do have the set so I can read it myself, I'm just spending more time enjoying the series though and well I keep thinking I need glasses. I will say one problem i have though - TRUMP and GitS' world wars. For one thing, GitS shows nothing of predicting trump and is set in Japan, Japan is not an ally and is not obligated to be in world wars involving the West, also those wars in reality are pretty much impossible, koreas greatest threat is old American nukes, and they are buried under a collapsed mountain, not to mention that trump ended his Twitter beef by mentioning that America has anti nuke measures that would surely work against any nukes they sold decades ago, and Mexico has so much nothing the crime Mexicans are best known for is leaving their country illegally. If anything trump is only a coarse mouthpiece for relations that have always been poor, and that's what the wars in GitS are about - poor relations. Even if those wars did happen now, they would hardly be trumps fault


State Alchemist
So while the series subtitles have been fixed, the OVAs still have only an SDH track like the much criticised US release of SAC? That’s kinda disappointing.

And I could be wrong, but I wonder if the using “daughter” vs using their name point you bring up might be a cultural thing. Others more knowledgeable than me might be better suited to pass comment.
I have no problem with the political references. Nothing is watched in isolation, and watching Ghost in the Shell will always be coloured by the filter of current affairs at the time of viewing. It is that kind of show. It's only that Trump is such an idiot (my opinion needless to say) that he instantly lowers the IQ in the room. I guess referring to him might give the sense that GITSSAC is dumbed down as a result.

The OVA Blu-rays are simply the previous Manga releases re-packaged. That's fine for Solid State Society which is the Bandai disc again. Laughing Man and Individual Eleven are the disappointments. Those two should have been reauthored. They only have dubtitles, and it makes no sense to watch them in Japanese as there are noticeable differences in the scripts. You might as well watch the dubs on those two discs. The added disappointment is that for those two films, the dub cast was replaced, so it doesn't fit in with the series or SSS. I'm keeping my DVDs of those two films if I ever feel the need to watch them.