Favourite Game Openings

Ah, I remember answering this questions a few months ago in another forum. The answers I gave, if my memory serves me right were these:

Metal Gear Solid [PS1] - The scene of Snake going up the elevator etc.

Final Fantasy VII [PS1] - The part where you see Midgar and how you first see Aeris selling flowers.

Devil May Cry 3 [PS2] - The action was just too good, haha.

There are probably many more, but I'm eating dinner right now so I can't really get into too much detail.
I loved the intro to 'Sam and Max' because it made me laugh everytime, and the first 'Discworld' game intro because of the fly buzzing around Death's skull.
I forgot Half-Life, the way you started off in that train thing and you took a little tour of the place. There was no action for so long, and then WHAM it hits you. A great start to a great game, even though the intro wasn't a flashy FMV sequence or whatnot, it was still a good intro.
Onimusha 3? The one with Reno. I don't own a PS2 but I've seen the intro, amazing stuff.

But I think my favourite intro has to be for Tekken 3, for its time on the Playstation the graphics were jaw-dropping and it flowed beautifully, and it has Gon.
Ryo Chan said:
nd of course the Tales of Symphonia opening (I'm so biased xD )

maybe the original japanese one using "stary heaven" as the theme

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkHc55G- ... 20of%20sym

i hated the english music

Thanks so much for showing this! I completed this game about a year ago and now you've reminded me of its brilliance! I can't remember what the English opening is like though... I must see what all the ending are like though! The one i saw was fantastic!

EDIT: In fact, i want a sequel to this game lol, and/or all the other 'Tales of' games to come out in the UK!

Also, thanks for making this thread Neppy, there are so many games i didn't even know about that i really want to play now, especially seeing the intro to FFVIII again, it's been on my shelf along with all the other FF games for years now, i've been waiting for this summer holiday for so long! No exams = time to complete FF! W00T!
Shinn said:


Never heard of the Persona series, but it looks brilliant! It's reminded me as well, there are so many Japanese games that haven't come out here! I want the RahXephon game tbh... In fact, another little idea for ADV... they should start brining out obscure anime-related games that haven't got a release in the West yet... like RahXephon... they should really take some tips from other people because they don't seem to be doing well and don't seem to be doing anything about it >.>
The Soul Blade opening is pretty much still one of my favourites of all time, though more recently I think that Half-Life 2: Episode One's opening was awsome too... moreso because the subject of Alyx and Gordon's fate at the end of Half-Life 2 was a big talking point for almost 2 years, thus the excitement of finally finding out played a big part.

Also, although i haven't played Soul Calibur 3 yet, i think the opening sequence is great.
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Have to admit I loved the intro to Civilisation 4. Not so much the battle sequence as the view of the earth from space as cities develop and the night side is lit up. The music suits it perfect - I spent 5 mintues just listenting to it play before I got stuck in.
Planescape: Torment, very well directed I felt.

Fallout & Fallout 2. Anyone who's played them instantly recognises the opening monologue, "War... War never changes..."

Flashback, an oldie but a goody. Same with Another World.
Ah man so many to choose from but my all time favourites have to be

Final Fantasy VIII - The fight mixed with that operatic music really does get your heart pumping for the first battle. Absolutely Stunning.

Final Fantasy X - The Heavy metal beat mixed with the blitz ball match and the attack on the city. Sets you up for a brilliant game.

Soul Blade/Callibur Games - Love the music and action a they fight/selected to fight in the tournament
Jesus, this is a difficult one.

Maybe Onimusha 3: Demon Seige - stunning that.

Not the best example but an underrated example (game and all) but Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter had a good opening ("proper" anime opening).
Some RPGs from me. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI from the oldskool, Chrono Cross and Skies of Arcadia from the newskool. Metal Gear Solid, Soul Calibur and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories are all pretty cool too. And Super Street Fighter II, just cos it was so cool, back in the day :)
Freya said:
i love opening to the 1st three games of .hack and of course tales of symphonia

Its pretty bad but I got Tales of Symphonia but haven't played it. I ought to really, just for the anime cut scenes! :wink: :D