Fake/Custom anime box sets


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I don't really know where to post these but I made some fake boxsets in Blender.

Started with saying Cardcaptor Sakura is coming out from Anime Limited as part of the Gundam Collection and making this... yeah I know...
Then I wanted to see what the Turn A box could look like....


And then I remembered I was going to make a boxset for Cowboy Bebop and threw together the assets I had, but I would redo EVERYTHING on this.

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Ha! Was thinking this was about bootlegs, those can be hilarious, but it's a nice surprise about design.

I may throw in an idea or two for when you're drawing a blank or have time, @Law all I can think of for now though is since the studio is changing, a full collection for Wit studio's adaption for Attack on Titan, if there's time, with some space for OVAs like lost girls and Ilya's diary. I wonder how a real complete collection would look...


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There was a guy (I don't remember who or where) who tried his hand at making chipboard cases for releases that didn't have one but he felt that they should. It turned out to be way more complicated than he had anticipated so after bad results after 4 or 5 tries he gave it up.


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Not exactly a fake box design but a fake book, just wondering what a Gundam Unicorn English release could look like, the original Japanese design was very text heavy, so I went with this.



Here's just the logo which I made myself, I wanted to make it look kinda like the anime logo.

MS G UC logo.png

An example of the Japanese covers.
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