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    My issue there wasn't with AL, but with CR. They're now even preventing us from streaming titles that are Funimation UK with titles such as Dagashi Kashi.
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    And that's exactly where we need our reps to be fighting our corner. The UK industry as a whole needs to be pushing CR to treat fans here properly as simulcasts are marketing tools for them too (if they choose to use them that way). I don't think the legal availability of say, the Fate series, has greatly dampened the appetite for MVM's releases. However, they take the fall when CR drop the ball like this - my boycott of Kiss Him, Not Me on home video, for example - so they need to either make it very clear that they've tried their best and CR messed up (AL's approach) or stay out of it entirely (MVM's approach). Jerome not getting enough money compared to everyone else - apparently on every single streaming platform as CR doesn't have a monopoly here - is ultimately his problem to negotiate around, not mine, yet he's there watching it anyway as an 'import' via VPN courtesy of the US companies while I'm unable to participate.

    I like to think I'm on the same side as the UK distributors as our needs should naturally align - they want to provide anime, I want to obtain anime. When it's set up as a 'them versus me' scenario in every direction, things start to go wrong.

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    I think the issue with things like Dagashi Kashi is more one of timing. CR clearly have a staggered plan in place - one they began to implement weekly over the Xmas period, but then stopped once the new season started to concentrate on that. I have no doubt they'll allow us these shows in the end, eg. Ass Class season 2 and My Hero Academia season 1 before season 2 starts - in the gap between the Winter and Spring seasons basically.

    No one wants CR to release *everything* all at once only for most of it to die on the vine because the viewers are drowning in a flood of content.