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Emma (English dub) previews and discussion

Yes Americans think that the British fall into London accent or Downton Abbey. It's ignorant as hell on their part seeing as we as a culture are aware of their different accents State dependant but meh, I'm not gonna get offended by it. If I did it would open a whole can of "what else can offend me" and I don't care to waste time on that. It's pretty hard to offend me and usually I play off peoples attempt or unintention to do so anyway :p

Black Butlers the same with Baldroy, Finnian and Mey-Rin but I love all 3 of them and as said before, it's typical of the time period and where it's based etc etc.


Baka Ranger
I watched a few episodes and really liked what I saw so decided to put my pledge in for the Deluxe House Maid 2 tier since I wanted the chipboard box. This is my first Kickstarter backing so I’m interested to see just how it all turns out.


Baka Ranger
I did debate with myself on slack backing Season 2 but in the end I’d rather have it all paid for at once. As for the dub I’m interested to see how it turns out, as it’s hard to get an opinion from a few test recordings.

Thankfully the only major purchases I have coming up are one or two potential MCM titles and the K-On!! PE. It’s December I’m concerned about.
I went for the bare bones Kitchen Maid 2 as I’m not fussed about all the extras. I hope the dub turns out well but I probably won’t listen to it as I don’t watched dubbed anime anymore, I just want both seasons on BD.

I might get the art book after if finishes though...just can’t afford to get it now.


Baka Ranger
The art book looks interesting, and thanks to the stretch goals should be of a nice quality. Not sure if it’s worth the extra $80 though.