Elfan Lied


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Hey all, my friend recently told me about an anime show called Elfan Lied and sent me a clip of it, and in the clip it was the probably the most gory piece of anime I have seen lol. I looked around on the net for it and it's supposed to be really violent, I'll have to look out for it and try to see a few eps. This may be old news to some of you so I'm just wondering if you could tell me what it's all about and if it's any good lol. Thanks
It has violent moments, but I think they are done in a way that makes them more comical than mentally crushing, although that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Basically, it's a 13-episode series, which can be bought in four volumes on Region 1 at the moment. The series' star is Lucy/Nyu, a member of the Diclonius species that is meant to cause the destruction of humanity, and so are imprisoned. Lucy breaks free, and ends up losing her memories and meeting two teenagers who come to adopt her and look after her. The series argubly manages to mix high tension drama with a generous spattering of humour, and will be released in the UK soon.

Personally, I enjoyed Elfen Lied, and would recommend it, but opinions do vary massively.


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I also enjoied Elfen Lied, it was the second anime seiries I watched, and was a far cry from Love Hina I'd seen before. The story has it's interesting twists and turns and a few moral questions thrown in.