Like or dislike dubbing on anime ?

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What does everyone think of dubbing ? I know some people hate it but i dontreally mind it unless its really bad, and when they kept changing the voices on dbz, that p'd me off lol. It is nice to see shows shown in the language it was originally shown in but dubbing does stop you reading all those subtitles. :?


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While I don't out and out despise dubs I've never been a fan, and on the whole they sound extremely wooden to my ears -- there are exceptions of course, Steven Jay Blum makes a great Spike Spiegel but even his performance pales in comparision to that of Kouichi Yamadera.

Subs just sound so much more naturalistic and the voices suit their intended characters a lot better, I can sympathise with people who don't like to read subs for whatever reason, but being an advocate of foreign cinema I've never had a problem with it, nor do I find following the subs and what's happening onscreen difficult. I've been watching subs for so long now it's a no-brainer for me, when I see anime I just expect japanese. ;)


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i agree with you, and I also thought that Spike Spiegel was dubbed very well, I have seen all of the cowboy bebop episodes in english and japanese and to be honest i thought the english was better, but that is probably due to the fact that I saw it in english first. I don't mind dubbing in anime too much but I hate it in (non animated) movies and much prefer the original voices with subs.

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I think the advantage of dubs is that they allow anime to branch out to a wider audience who otherwise could become put off by subtitles so dubs do have there advantages.

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Some dubs are good , but I'm subs all the way! I prefer to hear Anime and
world cinema in genral in its original language. But as I said some dubs can be very well done!


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Some dubs are so terrible it is scary. :shock:

I have seen all of the Cowboy Bebop dub and 4 episodes of the sub and in my opinion (please don't shoot me) I think the dub sounds even better than the sub! :lol:


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Ah the old sub/dub debate. For me it really depends although if I have seen a title fan-subbed already unless im particularly fond of one of the Japanese VA's voices I shall try the dub first. Some dubs I feel are great, superior to the subs in every way, other dubs are bad and the original Japanese is far superior. I tend to try both and weigh my options. Although as I say, having a VA I like specifically in either audio track does tend to sway me more on which i prefer


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Ah yes. Nice to see the war is still raging on. Didn't quite understand the poll question though. "Like or dislike dubbing? Yes or no?" :?

Anyway, I've written enough essays on this before so I'll just shorthand it:

Dubs: some good, some bad. Good examples: Bebop, practically anything dubbed by Beez. Bad examples: One Piece, practically anything dubbed by 4Kids.

Subs: always my first choice regardless - I just like the Nihon-jin language

Of course there are exceptions etc etc and some VAs are better than others etc etc

OVERALL: Everybody has their own opinion, like everything else in the world. Personally I prefer subs (except things like Bebop, obviously), but I think the dude that does Kaiba (Eric Stuart) in YGO is a fantastic VA and VD. There are gems in every dub, it's the damn script editors that need to get their bums in gear!


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I actually prefer dubs *dodges a hail of rotten fruit*

For the following reasons:

1. I really don't like having to concentrate on looking at subtitles over what's going on on the screen. Most modern anime has very slick visuals (Last Exile, Full Metal Alchemist, Stand Alone Complex) and I want to be able to appreciate those without having to peer at text.

2. As already stated, some English VAs are very competent at what they do. (Steven Jay Blum, for one example, Richard Epcar and Crispin Freeman for another, and dare I say it Johnny Yong Bosch. Don't you -dare- judge me ;) He did a damn good job on Last Exile. Mike Kleinheiz does a pretty quality gig too, although your mileage may vary depending how much you like the shows he's been in)

3. Not being a Japanese speaker of any degree, I often find it difficult to distinguish between the sound of individual Japanese VAs. Thus, following a conversation between more than two characters can be a little confusing if they all sound alike. If it's an English dub following the conversation can be easier. (Explanation: I have difficulty following something if there's a level of background noise, so even if Japanese VAs sound slightly different, if there's action or engine noise f'rex on the screen then I have a little difficulty discerning individual voices. It's not a pronounced problem, but it is annoying.)

Although I do sympathise that there are some pretty crappy dubs out there. Luckily I've managed to avoid the really dire ones. I suspect that this is through luck rather than discerning choice, as I'm pretty indiscriminate when it comes to anime buying.



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Melainy said:
Ah yes. Nice to see the war is still raging on. Didn't quite understand the poll question though. "Like or dislike dubbing? Yes or no?" :?

Yeah sorry bout the phrasing of the question, I guess I wasn't thinking straight lol ^^; but ya know what I mean =P


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I love anime. Anime comes from Japan. I figured that if I loved anime, I would love the language, acting and culture of the original Japanese version too. It turns out that I did.

There is no choice for me, it's either the original Japanese language or no sale.


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I'll happily watch either. You can't really watch subs if you're eating or are extremely tired (which is frequent for me), but otherwise anything's cool so long as it's anime! :D


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These days, it really depends on the series for me- a while back I would always start off watching the dub but would often end up disliking it and switching up to the subbed version by around episode 2. There are still a number of dubs I really like (Last Exile, Wolf's Rain, Bebop, Outlaw Star, GITS: SAC, etc- all the usual suspects ;) ) but in general the Japanese audio just seems to convey the emotion of a scene much better.


I largely prefer subs with the exception of Cowboy Bebop where I prefer the english dub voices to the original. I can tolerate most dubs except for Love Hina's(changed most of the dialogue completely) and Excel/Poemi(bad voice actors for the parts). Shows like Wolf's Rain, Stand Alone Complex have excellent dubs which I don't mind watching with my friends who seem to think that reading should stay away from TV watching.