Dragonball Z, Goku - completed

Mr B

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This is my latest kit to be completed, Goku from DBZ. I haven't posted any work in progress shots like I normally would as it was quite a fast build, roughly 9 hours (over 4 days) to spray. The figure stands 12cm tall and came as four separate pieces.





Comments and critique very welcome, Paul :)
I wish my garage kits would look this great =)

I'm struggling to get that cloud, so I'm thinking about getting another simpler kit. Guess I was too self-cofident when I got that one =)
Thanks for the comments :D

Chaos, don't be disheartened if it's not all going to plan. Working with resin kits requires different skills to a plastic or pvc one. I would advise getting one or two simpler kits to work on, just to build up you confidence and develop your skills.

Must admit the kit of Cloud & his bike looks great and I'm sure you'll get round to doing a fine job :D

|-( )-|

Next up on the worktable is a 1/8 Belldandy & Holybell, as its to be a contest entry I can't post any work-in-progress shots or finished ones until after the contest is over. But here's what it should look like and the unbuilt kit...


!!! AWESOME kit =) I believe that the most precious thing I need right now is time, which is a bit difficult to get a hold of... As my mum used to say - we can't find time, we have to make it.

Hair and the feathers looks particularly difficult.
You have some hard work ahead of you with that piece but im sure it will be great.

I really want to start doing this also. Where did you get all of your equipment from??
Chaos - time and paitence are what is most needed for a good job. As you gain experiance you'll become quiker, put most of your efforts into the preperation of the kit as it makes the painting much easier :)

Tasker - Nice choice of kits, Asuka & Rei with motorbikes are a popular choice, you figured out what type of bikes they are yet, I've not! I'm waiting on a 1/12 Mahoro with motorbike (MV Agusta F750)

Pomptry - I'm about 1/3 the way through cleaning the kit and have 21 days left :DON'T PANIC!!!: I'm going to put together a post about what tools I use and other usefull stuff.
Mr B said:
...you figured out what type of bikes they are yet, I've not!

Hehe, nope not yet, and it's bugging me no end as I want to put proper insignia on them. :x

Mind you, every time I look at them sat there in their little tubs, I think to myself - Oh God, what am I letting myself in for. They're bloomin huge. :? Not to mention, I have to work out how to do them first. :D :eek: :p

Also, when/if I ever finish them, I have plans for converting the MK2 version of Asuka into Misato. :eek: Should be fun. :? :wink: