Dragon Ball Z Kai gets UK TV Deal


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Didn't CSC Media once own AnimeCentral? I miss those days...

So I guess we'll have to keep an eye out on TV guides and stuff?


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Finally, a new generation will get to watch it! There've been rumours swirling about the Ocean dub for years, including some alarming ones regarding replaced sound effects and music, it'd be nice to finally end them if this turns out to be Ocean. With the Funi dub of Z now coming out on DVD it might just turn out to be Funi Kai, but it's Toei so who knows what will happen?


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Huh, well that came out of nowhere. Kix has gotten some good kids anime shows over the past few years: Digimon, Ultimate Muscle, Beyblade. My only problem is that I do wonder what sort of viewership the channel gets as opposed to say Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network.
ConanThe3rd said:
Having just moved to Virgin Media, I can't get CSC's channels.

Ergo, you're all welcome.

Don't they broadcast free to air on satellite? I know they're on Freesat, so all you need is a dish and a sky box. You don't even need a viewing card.


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This is really exciting! I've been anticipating the Ocean dub of kai for so long but part of me fears this could be funimation's dub which would just depress me. Unfortunately it looks like I won't get to watch this on TV since I can't get Kix but I trust someone out the net will record and put the episodes up since we may not get a DVD release if this is indeed the ocean dub. I'de do it myself if I could just get the channel.


Oh Toei, never change being so totaly inept at your job and getting away with it because Dragonball


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What would I do just for a trailer to find out what dub they're planning on using. A lot of my viewing--though not necessarily all of it--is going to be contingent on the Ocean dub being in place, just so I can hear the take of the old cast in this revised version--so I'd like to be able to quell my excitement sooner rather than later if the familiar FUNi dub is on the cards.


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Seems it's the Funimation dub from the looks of the advert that just aired, "exculsive sneak preview" is from 26th til the 28th at 6p.m. for anyone interested.