Dragon Ball Z is Coming to Blu-ray in the UK with 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set


It only accepts UK addresses despite the licence being for UK & Ireland

Looking forward to this, Funimation should be releasing sets using these new masters at some stage.
Yeah but I can't even get it to accept my uk address. If funimation website is this bad maybe it's not worth spending on this


Dandy Guy, in Space
I would have jumped at this but not with the poor masters they are using and no broadcast audio. Such a missed opportunity.
Just another attempt to rip the fan base off.


not really an attempt when it hit the (i think) 3000 sales requried in the US to make it a reality. so 3000 people really thought this was worth £299.99/$350

Mr L

Great Teacher
Not only a smaller population but a smaller percentage of that population would be interested. And that's thanks to Toei doing a terrible job in increading exposure for the show and bot trying to make uo for the limited TV broadcasts.


Thousand Master
DBZ has the worst rewatchability a show that long can have. Even if the remaster was good £300 would still be wayyyyyy too much for an adaptation that butchered the source material to hell. Hopefully no one buys this garbage.

Scrambled Valkyrie

Dandy Guy, in Space
And UK shipping only, despite being licensed for sale in Ireland too.

I'll be sticking with my Dragon Boxes. Hopefully the new Spanish masters will be adapted at some stage.
I agree you'd be much better sticking off with the Dragon Boxes. They look to be much better quality if the trailer Funimation put out for the US version is representative of the final product. More than likely it is since there's been a lot of people contacting them to ask if it is and their silence probably speaks volumes. I think the poster of the video above is right it's likely to be the same masters. At least the Dragon Boxes are correctly framed and have a proper representation of the colour and detail in the series.


Completely Average High School Student
Meh, as a life-long fan, I only re-watch the Kai version, depsite its flaws so it's irrelevent to me.