Does the mentality expressed in this blog represent the majority of western anime fans?

I've personally never considered Crunchyroll HD streams to look bad by any measure. I watch everything on a big television and never had any issues with quality. Maybe I am less discerning than some though.
Crunchyroll already had the lowest bitrate for streams in the professional streaming industry, and they tried to cut that bitrate by another 40-60%.

Hopefully based on their engineer's blog that shouldn't be an issue anymore hopefully.
Am I right in thinking this only affected 1080p streams? Everyone I saw mentioning it was only talking about that and I didn't notice the slightest difference in my 720p viewing.

Lord Bacchus

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I buy my anime and I don't like streaming the video quality is not as good as blue ray.
I completely agree that Blu-ray is always the best option. I tend to stream first to decide whether I even want the Blu-ray though. The quality of streams has gotten pretty good, but obviously Blu-ray is uncompressed, so it's always gonna win.