Different distributors, different special editions

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    They probably needed someone to approve the thicker box
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    I don't think art case thickness needs to be approved since that is not considered an asset.
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    There exactly the same the only difference is the thicker box show me a AL release that has a artbox that is as thick as the nisa lull in the sea
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    We're running in circles...
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    Don't get me wrong I like anime limited collectors editions I own quite a few but I can't justify why they charge so much when we get the same or more from other companies e.g mvm universal. Even when they do copy us set like assassination classroom they still end up costing the earth.
  6. Robbl

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    I cannot explain why Funimation titles cost as much as they do but sets that AL do themself usually use assets that no other publisher has used before which is why it requires approval.
    Now this is me speculating but they also edit and fix subtitles, e.g. Baccano has white subs instead of gray subs that are used in the AoA release. In the case of Baccano, they also translated the Japanese booklet which the AoA release didn't even have. All that requires additional QA which can be very time consuming.
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    I'm no expert on subtitles but changing the colour of already existing ones shouldn't be that hard or costly thing and I believe QA on booklets is done in house by a fellow named Keith.
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    Geez, please don't continue off topic conversations mostly about MVM in two different distributor threads at once! My poor brain! :)

    For reference I dug this up (please forgive the mildly obnoxious lead-in to the article, the actual point is solid): UKA: MVM Entertainment logo surfaces on A Lull in the Sea's US home video release

    The MVM set specifically lists themselves, the Australian company and NISA side by side as producers of the English-language set so it looks pretty official. Compared to other 'copying the assets' releases where they reference the US company but don't claim credit for anything other than the UK adaptation (I assume the Australian ones are the same but I avoid Australian-mastered discs wherever possible and cannot think of one to check).

    The difference in card thickness is easily explained by using different factories in the US/UK rather than shipping a load of finished boxes by sea (slow) or air (expensive). It's probably easier for them to run off a batch of boxes locally, and heaven only knows printers struggle to keep materials consistent even for repeat orders by the same company. Matching a foreign print run blind - they probably had no finished samples to work from - is close to impossible. Or there could have been financial considerations and each company picked the best materials their factories offered at a realistic price point.

    The NISA release is certainly the winner in overall quality, but MVM's knocks it so far out of the park as far as UK special editions go that I cannot complain at all. I just wish we'd seen more from the three-way alliance between those companies.

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  9. Watanabe Ken

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    Very interesting and insightful thanks for sharing
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    Given that Nisa decided to leave the anime market (it's obvious now) I don't think that you will see those kind of CE's from MVM anymore.
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    Hopefully we continue to get their Sentai CE clones which are still pretty nice.
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