UK Anime Distributor Crunchyroll/Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

Suzume appeared on Madman's b2b website recently before getting removed pretty quickly
The Suzume Limited Edition also included a 60 booklet according to description when it was there too. There was no mention of 4K on any Suzume listing here.

The product code could also mean its different from any US release, hard to tell for now.
Crunchyroll UK Suzume releases listed for April 1st

Regular Blu-ray

Spy x Family Part 2 LE
(also Standards)

Handyman Saitou in Another World


Campfire Cooking (likely a Global Edition)

Considering Crunchyroll UK have been skipping a lot of LE's lately, is a nice surprise we're getting the one for Spy x Family, hopefully the price is decent and not basically the same if I was to import it.

You'll probably see a 6 month delay on it like Dragon Ball Super Hero

Could see that happening 😅

Out of those titles I'll be getting Suzume (Steelbook) and Spy x Family (Part 2) (Limited Edition). I think I planned to watch Revenger at one point but forgot about it so that's on the maybe list.
I have the JP release, but I will reluctantly buy the Suzume steelbook for the collection, and then inevitably triple dip for the eventual 4K release. I'm not happy about it.
Yeah, for someone like me who has the JP standard edition there's not much reason to get the UK/US version unless it has at least some of the extras that are CE-exclusive in Japan.