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State Alchemist
Yet everything popular seems to be these days.
Was it ever otherwise? Must be enough people enjoy popular things to make them so popular, but I'd wager every last one of us enjoys things others think are absolute crap. I'd be surprised if anyone enjoys more than 10% of all media produced.

Personally, I'm relaxed about enjoying things I know are crap, since artistic value =/= entertainment value.

Back on topic, I can’t vote since I’m only familiar with like one thing in each category, if that.


Harem King
For me it made have a crisis of believe in anime. But yeah I realized it doesn’t matter how popular it is. If I like it I like it. Like Shield Hero now it’s got past ep 2 so I like it for not being as crap as that episode constantly.


Thousand Master
I'd be surprised if anyone enjoys more than 10% of all media produced.

Back when I had enough time to be giving every anime in each season a try I was enjoying about half of them. I honestly think that's about normal (except if you dislike the medium in general) - Sturgeon's "law" is a load of nonsense (and was never intended to be true by even its inventor - his point wasn't "90% of everything is crap" but "the same proportion of everything is crap, wherever you draw the line between crap and not crap").


Dragon Knight
Best TV Anime – Symphogear XV
Best Anime Film – Weathering with You
Best Animation – Mob Psycho 100 II
Best Writing – Stars Align*
Best Single Episode – Symphogear XV episode 13 “Let’s Make a History With a Light That Even the Gods Don’t Know”
Best Opening Song – Kemurikusa – KEMURIKUSA by Nano*
Best Ending Song – Boogiepop and Others – Whiteout by Riko Azuna*
Best Score – Boogiepop and Others
Best UK Anime Distributor – MVM Entertainment
Best Streaming Platform – Crunchyroll
Best Home Video Release – Girls Last Tour Collector’s Edition
Most Wanted Home Video License – Laid-Back Camp

Best Manga – Bloom Into You
Best Manga Illustration – Bloom Into You
Best Light Novel Series – I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level*
Best Light Novel Illustrations – I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level*
Best Manga/Light Novel Distributor – Seven Seas
Most Wanted Manga License – Girls’ Frontline: Ningyou no Uta
Most Wanted Light Novel License – Asuterizumu ni Hanataba

Best Main Character – Hibiki Tachibana – Symphogear XV
Best Supporting Character – Inosuke Habashira – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Best Couple – Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata – Symphogear XV

Anime of the Decade – A Place Further than the Universe
(It was a difficult choice between 3 but this is a well deserved nomination)
Manga of the Decade – Laid-Back Camp
(Did you expect anything else)
Light Novel of the Decade – I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
(Honestly I've only read like five light novels and this was the most recent one so ¯\(ツ)/¯)

*Other choices


Student Council President
AOTY: Symphogears XV
Best movie: Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Best Animation: Mob Psycho 100 II
Best Writing: O Maidens
Best Episode: O Maidens in Your Savage Season Episode 9, "The Orange Fox's Lilies"
Best opening: O Maidens in Your Savage Season Otome DOmo Yo
Best Ending: PP S3 ending
Best Sound: Demon Slayer
Best Distributor: Manga Ent.
Best Streaming: Netflix
Best Home Video Release: Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Wanted Anime Release: Psycho pass: Sinners of System movie trilogy , Grand Blue Dreaming
Best Manga: Yona Of The Dawn
Best Manga Distributor: Vertical.
Most Wanted Manga Release: Memorandum Of Kyoko Okitegami
Most Wanted LN: More Zaregoto Volumes
Bear MC: Hitori Bocchi - Hitori Bocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu
Best Support: Nako Sunao - Hitori Bocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu
Best Couple: Sonezaki and Amagiri
Anime of the decade: Gintama.
Manga of the Decade: Teasing Master Takagi San
LN of the decade: Monogatari series.


Thousand Master
Oops... forgot the voting deadline in the end. Oh well, would only have voted for best light novel (No Game No Life had the best new volume out last year of the dozen or so that I've read, so I would have voted for that) and the three "x of the decade" things (Madoka Magica, Non Non Biyori and Book Girl for anime, manga and LN respectively).