Blu-rays of PAL Territory Shows (And How They're Authored/Encoded)


School Idol
I'm not sure if such a topic exists in this forum, but here it goes.

This topic focuses on Blu-ray releases of shows from PAL territories (e.g. UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), and how they're either authored or encoded (or both).

I won't be making a list, but I would like some people to tell what Blu-rays of such programmes they have and how it's handled. Some were released in 1080i50, resulting in the release retaining its original frame rate, but some were released in 1080p, resulting in a 4% slowdown. However, some shows that were filmed in NTSC format between the 60s and 70s, and as a result, were aired with a PAL speed-up, which meant that Blu-ray releases of such shows in 1080p meant that they were slowed down back to their correct speed.

NOTE: The Blu-ray release doesn't have to just be from the UK or Ireland. It can be from other PAL territories such as Australia, New Zealand, or some NTSC territories (for shows originally filmed in NTSC format).