Bleach UK and US and Code Geass


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Hi everyone,
i would like to know something,
The bleach box sets released in UK which are Region 2 are exactly the same as the US Region 1 Bleach Uncut Box Sets?

its some secondes censored in the Region 2 dvds or they are 100% uncut too?

And about Code Geass?
i hear that the UK Code Geass has 1 second censored in UK version



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Zoro said:
So bleach is totally uncut?
Yeah, Bleach is uncut, but as of Season 6, the UK releases aren't as same as the US's in terms on episode count.
US is doing 13 episode boxsets, whereas the UK is doing releases by season/saga.

Reaper gI

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Zoro said:
I see but in except of that same voices, audio and everything like US right?
The menus will be differnt
The video will be PAL not NTSC.
Subs might be different for Bleach.

Cuts (except TV cuts) are very, very rare; anime is normaly only cut to avoid bans, not for cert (Angelic Layer English voice actor comentary excepted). Fans hate cuts and will boycot cut releases, as things don't sell very much to start with pissing off buyers is not a good idea.


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i know they are rare but i wanted to confirm about this anime and if there is no cuts in bleach uk then perfect

thanks everyone


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The only cut in Code Geass was like 0.5 of a second of something that was merely in the background, to avoid child pornography laws or something like that.
I thought it wasn't actually cut, as in a shorter running time, rather they used the US broadcast version instead, which had a repeated image instead of the offending one.


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Either way, you shouldn't let Code Geass' cut stopping you getting the UK version, the shot adds nothing to the episode or indeed anything and is basically just there for comedy value (it's of Milly groping Shirley as is her wont IIRC) it's really nothing worth seeing =)


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Well, to be precise,
Bleach is uncut but due to some issue with the BBFC, but I believe apparently R2s can't be labeled 'uncut' unless the BBFC previously cut them, so Manga dropped the 'uncut'.

Though if you care about special features some of the extras on the discs of the Bleach R1 sets aren't carried onto the R2 sets. I haven't seen them but most are things like 'a list of enemies' I believe, so you won't miss much.

Also except for the OPED the Bleach R2s use unedited Japanese video footage, which means for the first series whenever Japanese text appears you don't get a sign translation. The R1s painted over the Japanese text with English, I believe, so didn't have that problem. After the first series the R2s start including important sign translations in the subtitles though.

The menus also differ between the R1s and R2s, with the R1 menus being closer to the Japanese menus.

Code Geass as mentioned has one episode with a cut, if you really want a PAL copy though you could probably import the disc with the cut from Madman over in R4-land if it's like Paranoia Agent where Australia recieved an uncut version. I don't have the R4 volume where the cut would be though, so I'd suggest checking with someone who does to make sure.


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Bleach Region 1 are the same as Region 2, exactly the same.
Except Region 2 will be better as Seasons box sets 'cos Viz has stopped making them as seasons box set and only releasing them as 12/13 eps.

But the subs are the same. And Region 2 don't have extras from voice actors but meh. The episodes them selfs and subs are exactly the same.