AUKN Character Battle Round 1, Match 5: Hinagiku/Nonon

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Pokémon Master
My vote is for Hinagiku.
Again, I've not seen either of these shows so I've chosen Hinagiku simply because she is cuter in that picture than Nonon.


Thousand Master
I vote for Hinagiku.

I wouldn't say she's my favourite character from Hayate the Combat Butler (not that I could choose one) but she's pretty cool.

Interesting that a lot of people haven't even seen Hayate the Combat Butler, I thought it was reasonably well known (maybe it was one of those fleeting popularity things). I guess I can't recommend it to everyone but I enjoyed it (well, season 3 was a struggle even if it did have a few decent moments).

That said, I haven't gotten around to watching Kill La Kill yet and I don't really have an excuse.


Karamatsu Boy
Nonon takes it, but what a close match! A single change of heart would have swung it.

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