Attack on Titan


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Gemsy-chan said:
bakum4tsu said:
I want an opinion/help here please

Which do you think its better to get, the original singles volumes of the manga of the colossal edition?

Does anyone has the colossal edition that can take some pics, specially of the sheets to see how they look like in quality. Needs to be a good pic though xD
I have the colossal edition (more as an collectors item) and i must say a lot of love has gone into it. Quality paper and some nice coloured pages (that even the japanese don't have). It is expensive but it is a collection of the first 5 volumes.

If anyone wants i can take some pictures of it.

Even though I have seen a quick peek in some youtube videos, if you dont mind, please take some nice photos so I can see it better and make a decision ;)


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I shall post some pictures tomorrow.

Some additional info from measuring and counting. There are roughly 18 colour pages. It's just over 26cm high, 17.5cm wide and 4cm thick.


The Wildcard
Here are some choice pictures of the cover/back and some colour pages and black & white pages. You can't see it in the picture but the pages are nice quality and feel nice and smooth to your touch.