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The Young Master also now has a revised releases date of January 25th.
Yeah I saw the new date on other retailers but only just saw that Amazon did the same.

On a different note, I had a look at the censorship for Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and basically 45 seconds were cut due to a battle between a cat and a snake (the cat won it seems as Jackie pats it afterwards).

EDIT: There's a YouTube video of the scene for those interested (cat is a ninja from what I can gather).
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Limited Edition packaging of Jackie Chan's The Young Master, featuring 3 different cuts of the film - the original Hong Kong cut, the International cut and the Extended cut. The packaging is a rigid slipcase with KUNG FU BOB's artwork, an 80-page book, double-sided foldout poster, and 6 replica lobby cards.


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I wanted to highlight a few decent deals on Amazon at the moment:
  • Akira Kurosawa Samurai Collection - £24.99 (more stock arriving 30th Nov, this is also the same price HMV had back in May)
  • Heroes Shed No Tears - £12.99
  • The Master - £12.99
  • Of Flesh and Blood: The Cinema of Hirokazu Kore-eda - £24.99
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Great to see the Lucky Stars being released. I'll try to cancel my order of the South Korean release I made May 8th and which still hasn't shipped. Seems shipping from South Korea is still an issue.

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Some may be thinking Van Damme isn't Asian! But these are directed by the great Ringo Lam & Tsui Hark!
Double Team is my most guilty of pleasures and one I'll put money on not having aged well but will definitely buy it!!
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