Article 13: the copyright strikes back!


I think bots that can identify characters in fan art are currently in the realm of science fiction, and taking those down would be massively overstepping the boundaries of fair use laws. Also the sites in question would need to agree to these authority bots being given access to and the ability to censor content on their sites, and if they're not hosted in the EU why would they?

I do see this law as being a potential issue, but mainly with things like screencaps of copyrighted content - I don't think there's any way in hell this law could be used against fan art and I don't think any company would want to take down fan art of their properties. Most already rightly embrace it as people showing love for their work, not see it as a legal threat.
Thing is it's already been said, but most of the stuff like screencaps can make something more visible, draw attention towards it and it's nothing off the copyright holders back, they might lose money from outright piracy but they'll never lose money from screengrabs, those would just be fans/end users interacting with something