Anything by Studio BONES


Ghost of Animes
If you need a great anime series to watch, I suggest you check out anything from animation house 'Studio BONES'.

In recent years, they have been behind:

-Wolfs Rain, -RahXephon, -Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, -Full Metal Alchemist, -Scrapped Princess and now -KURAU: Phantom Memory.

All of these are what I would consider outstanding anime; mixing the epic elements of sci-fi and fantasy with some really strong characters and emotion. I just can't help but love everything they produce; for me, they are the best anime studio out there today.


Scrapped Princess is one of the best series I've seen recently; too bad Bandai/Beez won't have it available here for God knows how long.

But BONES do great work, and along with GONZO and ProdIG, they're one of the few companies I'd be prepared to buy a series from without any hesitation. I'd have included GAiNAX on the list, but they've been a bit hit-and miss (as have GONZO, but their shows always look too cool for me to stay doubtful).


Vampire Ninja
Is it a coincidence that the best sequence of Kill Bill Volume 1 was the Production Studio IG anime (in my opinion)?

Not that I didn't like the rest of the film of course...