Anime Strike Streaming Licenses

Lord Bacchus

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I've been noticing through ANN that Sentai have been licensing a hell of a lot of this season's biggest shows and putting them on Anime Strike. I know that Strike is exclusive to the US, but up until now, Strike shows have just been appearing regularly on Amazon Prime in the UK like they did prior to Strike being created. Given the large numbers this season, does anybody here know whether these shows are going to appear on Prime in the UK, or whether we as a region have simply been shut out of half this season's shows.

This is just an anime related question that I feel I need an answer to, but the industry section felt like it was the most appropriate place given the context. Amazon throwing their weight around like this is filling me with a deep sense of unease. I'd probably cave and subscribe to Strike if it were offered to me, since I don't mind the idea of paying as long as I do it annually, but the thought of being shut out without a legal option is annoying to put it lightly.
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