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Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
This is not an exclusive, so it will be available from other retailers at some point, I assume. I'd still save on importing by paying regular price and £3 or £5 for shipping, rather than a "special price" and £25 shipping from AL.

Jon O Fun

Magical Girl
I'll wait till I get it in a mystery box
The fact that season one was in a mystery box and is constantly on sale hints it didn't sell too well and this release is very much for the fans who've waited so long.

From a business stand point I'd imagine the print run would be less as well. It'd just make sense. Maybe 500 instead of 1,000.

I'll get it to show support and hopefully motivate them to get Violet Evergarden, B: The Beginning, Kakegurui, and Megalo Box out the door!!

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
Huh, Ajin is easily in my Top 10 anime OAT, probably at #6 or #7. I can't imagine it would do so poorly. My tastes must really be out of wack with the general anime populace, I guess because I'm an old fart! :p
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Death Scythe
I’ll wait till it’s £15, won’t be supporting B cos UE for no reason, VE sounds like it’s hell currenly so maybe Tamako Market next
I’m with doc on this one, I’ll get AL’s Ajin Part 2 in a christmas sale. I bought AL’s Ajin Part 1 on release and have long since bought Sentai’s Part 2 already.


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Looks like AL finally updated the status of the Funimation sale. As of 13th March, Days 1-29 of the orders have been shipped. Leaving Days 30-31 of December and Days 1-6 of January remaining.


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I’m still waiting on my order from (I think) the final day of the sale so I’ll keep an eye out for my items.


The Amanchu CE is on the Titles Nearly Out-of-Print category (it's been added 2 days ago).

I was going to save it until another time until I found this out, and ended up ordering it, in case it became out of print by next week as a result of the offer.