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Was already confirmed on the Facebook post that this will likely not happen. Although one person responded, with a photo as proof, that in his copy of the A4 book the pages where upside down compared to the cover, but that is an issue by the printer and not by AL themselves. You can hardly expect them to check each and every book for something like this.

Nadia the Damned Secret of being Blue 😀
My package with Nadia UE, Tower UE, and Ascendance CE from AlltheAnime has finally left the UK, 9 days after receiving the shipping notice from them. Fedex tracking doesn't state from what airport it left the UK from, but it is now at the Charles De Galle airport in Roissey-en-France, a northeast suburb of Paris. I guess the Fedex route to the US goes through France first. Still no scheduled delivery date.
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