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School Idol
Unless it’s a major issue that’s already had a recall, their re-issues usually use the same discs as the originals so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for any corrections


Grav's End Harem
AUKN Staff
This is an interesting situation.

The only difference now is that GKIDS has the Making of Featurette on the Blu-ray (Hanners confirmed on Discord they weren't cleared to use the US BD, which reminds me of the Mirai situation).

Anime Limited has the Making of Featurette as well as the Director Interview on the DVD which I'm surprised was carried over into the limited edition release.

In the end, it basically boils down to "are you a big of a fan to import the US release just to have the 'Making of' in HD".

Shadow Cat

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But it is a new product! :p You couldn’t get this movie with an English dub befofe!

Seriously, this has been a huge let down so far. They better have something good and special for the last day.
TBH I was happy with the one day, its a popular film and the other 4K copies sold out really quickly. More than happy to support AL

3 days of re-releases? Not so much. Especially when today's re-release you could buy the UE of for like.... £15 last year. That came in a nice premium wooden box

Okayu Avatar is my exact reaction to this announcement


Grav's End Harem
AUKN Staff
Who else has correctly predicted all 3 so far? ;)

Inuyasha up tomorrow.
Honestly nobody predicted three catalogue re-releases for 3 of the 4 early bird slots lol.

That being said, I do think InuYasha will be on offer this month but probably not for tomorrow. My last prediction is that tomorrow's a surprise announcement and not a already known title getting any special treatment.

Bonus note: If tomorrow's announcement turns out to be Gundam, that makes up for the sale.