Animangapop 2020 - Plymouth - 8/9 February 2020


School Idol
Probably a little far in advance but inspired by @Neil.T's post I'm sure there's a few anime fans in my neck of the woods and I have been out of the loop on this one!

It's a little bare at the moment (8 months or so away) but there's a anime/manga/pop convention taking place in Plymouth early next year. Looks like tickets are being sold from July 1st.

Might be a little too early to ask who else might be going? 😆

Convention newbie here... yes at my age, haha.

Okay, I live there and I've never heard of this. Out of loop or ?? Will keep an eye on it, anyone here thinking of going?

I wouldn't of thought that the convention would be where it is (usually the Guildhall is used, guess they're expecting a bigger turn out) & for people outside of Plymouth it's a bit of a ballache, busy af road & outside the city center (though it's easy enough to catch one bus from town to the area so eh)