A Shot in The Dark (aka britguy's DVD/BD wants)


Za Warudo
Hi, just in the off chance someone has any of these and is looking to offload, i thought i'd post a little thread to check.

If anyone has any of the following and would like to sell them on, please drop me a PM or post in here, and I will gladly negotiate a price!

Apologies if this sort of thread is frowned upon, if so, advise and i'll delete :D

Aniplex USA

Baccano BD
Read or Die BD


Sound of the Sky
Tatami Galaxy

NIS America

Anohana LE BD
Occult Academy LE BD
Persona Trinity Souls LE sets



There aren't particularly any of these I have and want to sell, but just a note that I saw Sound of the Sky/Tatami Galaxy in CEX for really cheap (around £10/12 each) and they had a few copies of each. If you want I can go back and see if they still have any? Or you could try their website?


Za Warudo
Cheers for the heads up. I'll have a look on the website when i get home from work, but you might get a pm from me begging you to check your local later lol.