A Good OOP Title to Buy.

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  1. cudwieser

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    I'm bouncing about with the temptation to buy anime to replace some bootlegs. With that I've a want to buy some OOP titles (have a preference for ADV titles). What in everyones opinion are recommended OOP titles and why?
  2. ayase

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    I'm a bit out of the loop to know what titles are still OOP - Which ones do you have that you want to replace and are you averse to region 1 DVDs?
  3. Lambadelta

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    If u like crazy suggestions blood+ its a great dark supernatural action
  4. unknownfate

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    Aura Battler Dunbine, Project Arms, Law of Ueki, Star Ocean Ex, Miami Guns, Fighting Spirit, Mermaid Forest, Kyo Kara Maoh, Nanoha.

    OOP enough for you?
  5. cudwieser

    cudwieser Student Council President

    Anything that is no longer in print with no apparent schedule for reprint. I'm not fussing over age even though I like 2005 and earlier. Just looking for any titles you'd recommend that aren't going to be rereleased anytime soon, ones you think are decent and worth watching and owning and why. :)

    P.S Region is not significant.
  6. unknownfate

    unknownfate Thousand Master

    The Southern Cross/ Genesis Climber Mospedia combo pack is both OOP and ADV. Tends to pop up on eBay periodically and is linked to the Macross franchise
  7. Blaize

    Blaize Adventurer

    Blood+ - A great series that is unlikely to get rereleased anytime soon because it's owned by and previously distributed by Sony. I mean it only just barely got released in it's entirety at all first time around.

    Macross Titles - Any and all titles baring the name of Macross on DVD are OOP and without doubt these are the least likely to ever get released again since no company seems willing to challenge Harmony Gold's bogus claim to Macross properties (beyond the original, which I believe unfortunately they do legally own outside of Japan).

    OVAs/Obscure Movies by ADV, Manga, Media Blasters, Central Park Media etc - There were plenty of these released by the likes of ADV over the years which are very unlikely to see the light of day again. Fortunately most can be picked up reasonably cheap and there are plenty of interesting titles to choose from. The quality can certainly vary drastically but gems can be found. Discotek is pretty much the only company that would ever rescue titles of this nature but they are only going to pick those worthy of rescue, be it recognition or part of a franchise. So alot of the one shot OVAs without that recognition are probably never coming out again.

    Area 88 OVA - This is a pretty notable OVA and not one I would ever be surprised at seeing rescued but right now that isn't happening and the ADV release is really nice. I gave this OVA the full 10/10, it's a classic tale with beautiful animation, sublime sound design and an incredible soundtrack. I love this thing to death and the ADV DVD is totally worth it. The single issue is the ADV version only contains the Movie cut of the first two episodes, which means it's edited. The only time the episodes have been released in English uncut is via the subtitled Central Park Media Laserdiscs. The scenes omitted aren't a huge loss but if a Discotek ever were to rescue the series I would certainly love to see both versions made available.

    Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo) - One of the greatest Anime series ever made that also became one of the worst ever sellers for Geneon Entertainment. The genre of Sports and the US Market and English speaking market in general don't seem to mix. I don't really understand why this is because in the case of Fighting Spirit I believe it's the greatest Shonen series ever made and has just about every cliche of the genre for character development and action but the simple fact it's based in the real world, with no fantastical elements on a combat art that actually exists means the show never found it's footing. Which is a crying shame as it's truly wonderful and the dub for it is really fun too. I hold out hope that Discotek might give it a go but chances are pretty slim.

    Kyo Kara Maoh! - I've had an itch recently to return to this joyous series or at the very least finally watch the 3rd season. This is one of the more fun Person in a Strange World series I've seen as it balances comedy with genuine drama and action really well. It has a truly lovable cast of characters and even the most straightest of males might find it hard to resist enjoying the relationship of Yuri and Wolfram. I would estimate this show actually has a decent chance of being rescued by Discotek as it's lengthy dub and popular genre make it a good candidate for a rerelease. I'd love to see it happen so I could get ahold of the 3rd series which I would trust Discotek to release in tandem. But right now there has been no major clues as to whether or not Discotek will get ahold of the show other than myself estimating it would suit them.

    Beast King GoLion & Dairugger - These are the original Japanese series that were adapted into Voltron. Media Blasters released these original shows subtitled into English a number of years back. While these shows would certainly suit Discotek I'm not sure they would be able to get them as Media Blasters released Voltron itself at the same time and I think they are likely shipped as a complete license package. Discotek would probably love to have Voltron but I would guess that right now it's not available, since the show has all these newer remakes* coming out over the last few years.

    Kimagure Orange Road - A classic shonen romance with some fun supernatural twists. It was also one of the earliest TV series to be released in Japanese in the US as AnimEigo released it on Laserdisc back in the day and eventually DVD. I enjoyed the series quite abit, it's not Maison Ikkoku but it's pretty good fun throughout. The entire franchise of TV, OVAs and Movies are all OOP and while it may have some chance in the future by AnimEigo themselves (I mean the Manga got funded on KS recently) or maybe Discotek I'm not so sure it's on the horizon anytime soon.

    Planetes - Bizarrely overlooked during the Sunrise/Bandai rescues a few years ago this Sci-Fi series is one of the true greats of the genre. With a beautiful BD release out in Japan also this show is a good candidate for rescue but some reason it keeps getting overlooked. Maybe there is a good reason and a rescue is unlikely so if anyone hasn't I'd recommend tracking it down someday as it's really brilliant. Ai Tanabe <3

    Nana + Honey and Clover - Two great Josei series that take their melodrama and romance pretty seriously resulting in two classics. Both of these were released by Viz Media in numerous box sets which are now all OOP. Australian sets are available though. These classic shows might come out again one day but how long it'll be before that happens is anyone's guess.
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  8. Buzz201

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    France is your friend on that one. It has English subtitles and dub...
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    Thank you for this useful information!
  10. crashmatt

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    I would also recommend Ah My Goddess, its now OOP in the UK though to can still import the US version. Its a very relaxing show.
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  11. unknownfate

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    What about Oh! My Goddess :)
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  12. Just Passing Through

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    The Adventures of Mini-Goddess? :p
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  13. unknownfate

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    I was thinking the original OVAs and the movie but certainly the mini Goddesses also
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  14. st_owly

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    Don't know what your tolerance for shojo is but Fushigi Yuugi is a good one. It was never released over here so you'd be importing.
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  15. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    Makes me glad I got both Blood+ and Kyo Kara Maoh! when they were first released.
  16. unknownfate

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    Could have sworn you bought Kyo Kara Maoh! from me.

    Geneon never finished season 3 so the incomplete sets went to a new home.

    As for Fushigi Yuugi, Blaize was selling the complete bundle at one point.
  17. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    Nope not me.

    Season 3 and the OAV of KKM was never licensed but Geneon did manage to release season 2 just before they disappeared into the ether.
  18. unknownfate

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    T'was back in my youth when many a now OOP title was parted with. Nanoha, Star Ocean Ex, Hanaukyo Maid Team, Stellvia and more.

    Yep, I was an idiot :(
  19. KurataTrigger

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    Kodocha is a good OOP anime that you can buy

    /Still waiting for a new Blu Ray release for that in Japan as well as a redub tho :(
    I hope AL or Animatsu picks the series up someday and do a 2 season box set on DVD or Blu Ray
  20. Dan

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    Wha about Legend of the Dragon Kings. I have the box set and might be tempted to let it go now if your interested. I've not got the time to rewatch stuff anymore :(