37 Manga Publishers to Make to launch online portal


School Idol
http://bit.ly/crVthU (ANN article)
http://bit.ly/dueyQv (animeanime.biz article - Translated from JP)

Thought this might be interesting.

What they're doing is make this site to read eManga for North American users (No news yet on whether they're making an international site too) will include publishers such as Shueisha (Shonen Jump, Viz) Kadokawa (Shonen Ace) and such. The site will distribute free manga periodically and will include some niche stuff as well I think.


Best spambot yet, one that links ANN, :p

Very interesting in all honesty though, I hope this is the first step towards a manga crunchyroll, though the one I am most interested in at the moment is the "open manga" project.

Either way though, if a website can provide me with legal scans of WSJ not long after the japanese release, I'll bite.


School Idol
Hope it's not region locked, somewhat want to check this out. But to add to the news, they haven't mentioned what titles they'll publish. I'm guessing it might be the obvious ones along with some less known and unlicensed ones.