2008 Character Battle general info (will be updated)

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Ryo Chan



the brainchild of former forum Veterans Suiseiseki and Mangaminx back in 2005 is back for another shot.

First off, the battles.

As I said before this year is going to be even bigger that last years

This year to accompany the Main Battle, will also be the Tag Team and Group.

And to make matters more interesting the will be a new Main Battle winner

That’s right, after last year, the top 16 all decided to revolt over pay. Naruto was especially vocal about his Ramen demands, so therefore, they’ve been removed from the main battle to, instead, focus of coaching 16 teams in the group battle.

And if that’s not enough the themed tag battles will see who is the best (or most mismatched) tag team out there

So lets start off with the Rules, First off, the main title of the contest


This year instead of having 10 pre-chosen combatants there will be a preliminary election for you to chose who you want to enter

You may choose a maximum of 5 girls and 5 boys, but remember try to make them different, as adding people that others have included just means you lose out on that character.

The only rule is that you may not use more than 1 character of the same sex from each show (so no choosing Asuka and Rei from Evangelion sorry but Rei and Shinji is fine) After 5 days the polls will close and the list will be completed

Once we have the list, a series of Battle Royals will take place to narrow it down to 16 boys and 16 girls. Once they’ve been chosen, the rules are just like last years With the battle changing to a 1 on 1 with each round narrowing down to the final 2 in a 16 > 8 > 4 > the final 2 fashion

Each battle will go on for 3 days, rotating male, to female with each round starting and ending at 9pm

Also for your vote to count, remember you must POST who you voted for


Using as many characters as possible from the contests, a random draw will create the teams who will then go on to fight for the title

So a favourite may even end up losing cause he’s teamed with a less liked character, or perhaps the complete opposite with an underdog winning their first gold

The battles will go in the same format at the main battle minus the male/female rotation, as there will no doubt be male/female teams

And finally


This will come after the main events. Stay tuned, as until it’s nearer the time, this will be a closely guarded secret
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