renegade simulwatch

  1. Lordhippos

    Penguin Highway 🐧 simulwatch [RS] (28/12 - 04/01)

    Penguin Highway MAL Link [Part of the Renegade Simulwatch] I know next to nothing about this except there are Penguins 🐧 involved, which as we all know are a key ingredient of Guinness. Starts today and runs until next Tuesday 04/01 so people hopefully have time to watch it in that window :)...
  2. Lordhippos

    Ping Pong simulwatch [RS] (3rd November start)

    Ping Pong MAL Link [Part of the Renegade Simulwatch] Start date set to Weds 3rd November, finishing on Sun 14th of November :) This is currently available for streaming on Funi. This has been on my radar for a while to watch so very interested to see how this one plays out. From the same...
  3. Lordhippos

    Renegade Simulwatch Club [RS]

    Edit - I've decided to discontinue this. Renegade Simulwatch Club What is it? It's an alternate to the Regular Simulwatches that are held. It's clear there is a demand for more simulwatch content, but the list is long and the days are short. This thread will be for discussing and arranging...