kimetsu no yaiba

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    According to you which one was better Demon Slayer season 2 or season 3?

    I heard many people complaining about season 3 not being as good as season 2 in demon slayer. But i think both of them have their own strength. Where season 2 was more focused on actions and fight, the season 3 was focused on story and character development. I get it it that upper 5 was a little...
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    Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    POTENTIAL SPOILER Hello! I randomly created an edited version of Tanjiro’s amazing speech to Akaza as he was fleeing. It is found on the Mugen Train Arc, the last episode so I hope you all enjoy and tell me what you think ☺️ The link to the video is below on my new YouTube channel, hope you...