kamen rider

  1. Magical Senshi

    The Tokusatsu Thread

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to Tokusatsu, so I thought I would make one myself. As the title suggests, this thread is mainly to discuss various tokusatsu series and movies past, present and future. Discussions about overseas adaptations (e.g. Power Rangers) are welcome on this thread...
  2. mynameissport

    Kamen Rider Black English Cover (Ft. Kanano) (30 years 1987 - 2017)

    Here's Kamen Rider Black English cover by Kanono to celebrate 30 years of the series. Viewable below Originally released in 1987 which was translated as Masked Rider Black, it focuses on Kohtaro Minami facing against Gorgom whilst protecting Japan. With its dramatic storyline, twist of the...
  3. mynameissport

    Be The One English Cover (Kamen Rider Build opening, by Caroline Gordon + produced by mynameissport)

    Here's Caroline Gordon English cover of Be The One taken from the most recent toku series Kamen Rider Build and produced by myself. Link to video below to view Be The One was used as the opening song of this seires and instantly liked it so want to produce an English cover but this was done...