Be The One English Cover (Kamen Rider Build opening, by Caroline Gordon + produced by mynameissport)


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Here's Caroline Gordon English cover of Be The One taken from the most recent toku series Kamen Rider Build and produced by myself.

Link to video below to view

Be The One was used as the opening song of this seires and instantly liked it so want to produce an English cover but this was done as a last minute project.

Since there was no official off vocal instrumental, got permission from kuruto2000 to use their piano instrumental that mix up amalgamations of classical and Japanese pop rock scoring together. Combined with antastictunes lyrics which keeps it faithful to the original translation but still tries to flow to make sense in English.

Also had Caroline Gordon stepping in for vocals and mix to give it a stripped down approach but give it a unique feel. Plus had permission from byudha11 to use the original images for the thumbnail and unknownchaser to do the graphic.

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