1. D

    Help identify cartoon from original animation cell

    Hi A few years ago I was given an original animation cell as a gift from a work colleague who had just returned from a holiday in Japan. I really like it and have it framed but have always wanted to know what cartoon it is from so hope someone on this forum can help. Link to the image of the...
  2. XENO

    Finding Love

    I was wondering how people find love with very specific interests? like it’s impossible to find a girl who even likes anime on any dating apps it’s so annoying!!! i just want to find a women to watch anime with is that hard to ask for 😭
  3. A

    Need help this is bugging me massively

    Right this is going to a little vague but I remember watching an Anime when I was a kid so 90’s, I think it was Cartoon Network but it was anime plot, space ship after being attacked by spider like creatures, people in stasis pods, but they have access to robot suits that they meld with in the...
  4. J

    I need help finding certain anime

    ok so I watched this anime years ago and I wanted to show it to a friend all I can remember about it is main character is female long dark hair and lives in a large house with a group of (i think rich) boys who have been tasked with making her more marriage candidatey (not Diabolik lovers) she...