1. P

    Anime Clear Out (DVD's, Blu-ray's, Games, Manga)

    Hey everyone, I'm having a big clear out of various stuff so please feel free to pm me if anything's of interest. Happy to post and accept PayPal:) More pics/ info available on request. DVD's (All UK releases unless noted otherwise): Fruits Basket complete DVD collection (Australian import)...
  2. SAHO

    Kickstarter Thread - Anime & Manga Projects "Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life." Inspired thread idea from: A thread to show projects that have recently launched and are currently active in KICKSTARTER relating to Anime, Manga...
  3. NormanicGrav

    Overseas The Discotek Media Thread

    Founded in 2005, Discotek Media first began distributing various Asian live-action films on DVD including some of Takashi Miike's films (Dead or Alive, The Happiness of the Katakuris) and also a couple Hong Kong cult classics (Burning Paradise, Ebola Syndrome, Sex and Zen). They also ventured...
  4. dakota628

    Looking for Sailor Moon Season 1 Madman

    Looking for the Blu-ray to complete my collection. If you have it, please message me!
  5. SAHO

    SAHO's「über」anime /manga sale collection

    --------------------------------------------------- 🛍️ Items for sale: 🇬🇧 DVD (UK Release) 🇺🇸 Blu-ray (US Release) 🇺🇸 DVD (US Release) 🇦🇺 Blu-ray (AU Release) 🇦🇺 DVD (AU Release) 🇯🇵 Blu-ray (JP Release) 🇯🇵 DVD (JP Release) 🇰🇷 Blu-ray (KR Release) 🇰🇷 DVD (KR Release)...
  6. TheKazeTrigger

    USB 3.0 work on external blu ray drive?

    I was just wondering if I buy a external blu ray drive for my desktop (Dell Optiplex 9010 all in one) will it work? It has two usb 3.0 ports. I want to start buying anime in blu ray format more regularly in the future.
  7. TheKazeTrigger

    Re-releasing anime in the UK

    I was just wondering that of what anime you like to see a re-release by a different anime distributor in the UK? For me I hope these following anime will get a re-release someday. This is my opinion. Anime Limited. The Big O Wolf's Rain Planetes .hack series Gundam 00 Gundam Wing Gundam Seed...
  8. Magical Senshi

    The UK DVD and BD Locked Subtitles Thread

    Recently, a lot of Anime Blu-ray releases in the UK were given the locked subtitles treatment, probably due to fears of reverse importation, despite the fact that the UK and Japan have different region codes (UK is Region B, Japan is Region A). In most cases, the releases are taken directly from...