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    NieR: Automata TV Animation Project

    I haven't played Nier (though it's definitley high on my want to play list!), but I suspect it will be impossible to convey the experience of the game in any other medium, just as it is with all other game adaptations. It's the actual playing that makes experiences like Nier so strong. I know...
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    In Memorium: Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi (1961-2022)

    Damn, this is very sad news and hits hard. Poor guy. An absolute legend to say the least. I never got seriously into Yu-Gi-Oh but used to be delighted to catch episodes of the anime when it was on sky, it was great fun and Yu Gi is a great character with an unforgettable design. I also had a...
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    Lost Lad London Volume 1 Review

    This sounds and looks pretty cool. Nice to get some depictions of the great wen that aren't all fantasy Victorian silliness (not that that there's anything wrong with that!), I like the title too. The author also seems to have another series called Gusty Gritty Girl which is also a real corker...
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    Relationships and Romance

    Ah man, thank you so much @Rui and @RadFemHedonist your words honestly mean so much to me. I really appreciate that. Yeah, when I look back at our history together over the past 12 months or so honestly, I probably shouldn't have been so surprised about how she acted. She more often than not...
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    Relationships and Romance

    My mind is spinning right now, along with my stomach, at the how someone I thought I knew and who I thought cared about me could be much more cold hearted than I thought possible. It's baffling. I was in a relationship with a girl from May to December last year, we knew each other since that...
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    Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

    Blood Blockade Battlefront I enjoyed this quite a bit. Based on the manga by Trigun author Yasuhiro Nightow. New York has inexplicably merged with the fantastical 'alter-world' three years ago and Leo a young boy with the all seeing eyes of god has fallen into a job at a secret agency that...
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    Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

    Baccano Spoilers ahoy so be careful A pretty bizarre show this one. Set in 1930s America, it's a tale of immoral immortals, mafia and an assortment of other weird folk getting mixed up with and mostly trying to kill each other. It's almost Tarantino-esque it's blend of brutal ultra-violence and...
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    Anyone going to the BFI anime season?

    Thanks for highlighting this or I might not have realised this was on at all. It's pretty cool, there's a whole heap of good films worth seeing on the big screen here. I'm also tempted by that Patlabor double bill, though not yet sure if I can afford it, But hopefully.
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    Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

    The Tatami Galaxy Would my precious university days not have been the rose coloured kind I imagined they should have been, would I not have found the true love I tirelessly pursued to the complete exclusion of all academic work, if I only had just joined that other cooler looking society? Would...
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    What is Monogatari to you??

    I thought I'd create a new thread to encourage people to write essays on the Monogatari series. Why do you love it, why do you hate it, what are its virtues? What are its failings? What does it mean to anime and what is its place in this medium or art form? Is it comparable to anything else? Let...
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    Monogatari MVM release watch order

    Book series have "seasons"!? Madness. But thanks for explaining, though I'm starting to suspect this author (or their publisher) just enjoys confusing people. But what are the things people love about this show (or hate)? I know people love this show, so fill me in:)
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    Your viewing journal

    Outlaw Star eps 1 to 5 (or 6) What could be lazily described as the poor man's Cowboy Bebop, but very lazily as it's nothing like Cowboy Bebop at all. Thus it fails to fill the hole in one's heart that Bebop leaves there. It's crazy to think the two shows came out the same year as Outlaw Star...
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    Monogatari MVM release watch order

    This show is so confusingly ordered/titled. What adds to the confusion in my mind is the way the "seasons" are actually comprised of multiple mini-series of varying length. And what then makes it even worse is the way that image above lays out all the mini-series of season 1 and 3 by their...
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    Interview: Ciarán Strange (Requiem of the Rose King's Richard III)

    Really nice interview, Ian (and Ciaran of course!), I really enjoyed reading that. The hope was palpable, and I was glad to get all those anime recommendations which I'd never heard of before but sound interesting (including Requiem of the Rose):)